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tv   First News at 5pm  ABC  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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on the ground. nothing terribly heavy yet just here, but we've seen it in bands working through the area and of course this is jackson county. notice the road temperatures are warm enough to keep it melted off. that's going to be the case for the next several hours before we start to see the road temperatures get colder. >> northern up state and south of franklin this is where some of the heavier snow bands reside. up towards for us. dark blues, that's a good band of some moderate coming through on highway 19 and also highway 25 affected there towards hot springs. south and west over the smokes, still snowing here as well, so 441 impacted along with highway 6040 in transylvania county. still several more hours of snow in the high country and the impacts from it. mostly black ice down here in the valleys and some light accumulations, but the idea is
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the worse the conditions will get. still have the wind about 10 to 20 miles an hour and gust. so there is blowing snow too in these high elevations. notice on the futurecast towards midnight a lot of will wind down slowly but surely into the morning. flurries or light snow possible in asheville and temperatures will be dropping below freezing after 9:00. so bundle up. it's going to be mighty cold. i'll show you how much to expect in those valleys with my snow totals coming up. >> it took a jury less than an hour to find a transylvania county man guilty first degree further. richard oshields has been found guilty of a shooting at a dollar general store. the verdict was swift. >> it was almost lightning fast. and from my vantage point in the back of the courtroom, no outward emotion from either the mathis or the oshields family. oshields sentenced to life
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>> he walked in that store as calm as a cucumber. >> in closing arguments, the prosecutor told jerusalem that the killing of toby mathis was about revenge and pay back. >> this case is not about feeling sorry for someone. >> in april of 2011, defendant richard oshields walked into the rosman dollar general. >> walked up to mr. mathis, walked up to him, hey, tobs, laid him out. and then fired more shots. >> five months earlier oshields son joey died after falling out of mathis' truck bed after an altercation. he was charged with involuntary manassas manslaughter in that case. he had a long list of issues leading up to that night. >> i mean, he is a very very
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>> from a stroke to ptsd to alcoholism, claims defense attorney tony dalton, he says because of all of that premeditation was not possible. >> he could not weigh his options. he could not form a plan. he could do a -- he could not form a mixed design. >> the prosecution disputes that he was drunk and says it's not an excuse for murder. >> you saw him walk in. did he walk in staggering? doing this? did you see any of that? >> but dalton says his client was a grieving father in the midst of a perfect storm of personal and health problems. >> and in the words of harper lee, you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb inside his skin and walk around in it. >> and dalton says there are plans for an appeal. no comment from either the oshields or the mathis family and coming up at 6:00, we will hear from the district attorney who hopes that perhaps this verdict
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who may want to take the law into their own hands. live in brevard, john le, news 13. >> the investigation continues into a deadly shooting in asheville with no arrests. police told us today that investigators are still collecting and analyzing evidence. they also continue to interview witnesses. logan was a football player at irwin high school. >> crews have spent the day repairing a water line break in hendersonville. the break happened in front of the charlie's restaurant on highland square drive. it was the only business affected and it's finally opened its doors to customers about an hour ago. crews say the problem was with a line that feeds directly into the restaurant. there's no word on what caused it to break. >> here's a look at i-26 at brevard road. no major issues here today in either direction. >> and in brevard wilson road remains closed after heavy rain
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dispatchers say water is still covering the entire road. they expect it to reopen tomorrow. >> some new state taxes will take effect next tuesday. repair, maintenance and installation services will now be taxed in buncombe county at a rate of 7%. auto repairs and watch, clock and jewel rye repairs are two of the service industries that will be affected. they passed the tax increases last fall but they do not take in effect until march 1st. for people struggling to get by, these taxes really hurt. >> taxes keep going up. more taxes keep coming into play, and, i don't know, it's just hard to make it from paycheck to pay check. always one major repair away from being bankrupt. >> republican lawmakers say these tax increases will be offset by cuts in the personal income tax which won't take effect until
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opponents say consumption taxes like these are harder on people at lower income levels. >> questions about varying gas prices in the asheville area. why a petroleum analyst saying one station charging more is perfectly legal in ask 13. >> plus answering a question
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>> now to a developing story. two leading lgbt rights groups are making a call to actual city council. they want the city to pass an ordinance like charlotte did allowing transgender people to use the public bataclan of their choice. >> kimberly king is live downtown. >> kimberly, what else would the ordinance layout. >> the campaign for southern equality and equality nc say such an ordinance would also include preclusion against discriminating say for a cab driver from picking up a ride. but many feel that this kind of ordinance would largely be symbolic in that asheville is already an collusive -- incollusive city. >> on the south slope the beverages are hand-crafted along
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in the back is the bathroom, not labeled women's or men's, but all gender. she feels how it should be, that transgender individuals should never be discriminated against. >> if they identify as whatever gender that they identify as, i don't think that you should be able to tell someone that they can't go in the restroom that they identify with. >> the charlotte ordinance that bans discrimination of trans individuals who want to use whatever bathroom they identify with, who says there are concerns for children using bathrooms. lgbt activists say that is a made up concern. >> the lgbt community caused argument against their position of false narrative. they're pretty aggressive. she is a long time transgender woman. >> as a transgender woman i never felt uncomfortable using a
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facility. >> for that reason she doesn't feel an ordinance is necessary, saying the city is already very open. >> but if southern equality wants to do it, we will support them. >> we spoke by text with city council man gordon smile. he said he would support such an ordinann but for now it is under discussion. >> reporting live from downtown asheville, kimberly king, news 13. >> if you look around, gas prices have been dropping everywhere, but one local station didn't seem to get the memo. >> that's the topic for tonight's ask 13. our frank is with us. >> viewers have written us to complain about one particular station in the asheville area. kenneth thomas asked, if we would investigate the gas prices at the shell at 206 hendersonville road.
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wrote what's up with their gas prices in 2.29. in a half mile it's one dollar, 69 cents. the shell station is off interstate 40 at the biltmore village. the price is 2.29 a gallon when most asheville stations are charging much less. less than a half mile down the street it was 55 cents cheaper. at $1.74. the station is owned under the name mayal, llc. a senior petroleum analyst with says this is perfectly legal and something they see around exceptional tourist destinations. they're the most egregious offenders, where we see extremely high gas prices. those are found in orlando near the walt disney resorts and parks. there's a gas station, there's a shell station there and a few
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gallon for gasoline when the state average is $1.70. >> he says gas buddy also sees it in california, hawaii and certainly here in north carolina as well as some other areas. he says this is free enterprise. gas stations are able to charge whatever they think that the market will bear. and we also spoke to the state division of standards and the ag department for the state which oversees all the gas stations. they say there are no regulations on pricing gasoline except in the cases of declared emergencies. when there are price gouging laws that then take effect. but they do not apply in every day pricing. if you have a question for us, you can write us here at ask 13 at so now you know what the deal is, because you see on many prices. >> yes. you need to look around before you fill up. so you know where to go. >> speaking of numbers, i would like to see the numbers going up weather wise. >> let's work on that shall we? >> we will into the weekend. a big change by that.
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a winter wonderland in the high country. beach mountain parkway, avery county, 20 degrees and more mountain snow is on the way. i'll show you where most of it's
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> well for most of us just a
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for some this is a bona fide winter event. here's our news 13 sky cam network. 49 degrees in hendersonville look to blue ridge. look at that moisture coming out of the clouds in the form of some rain and snow. but mostly snow now. even approaching northern henderson county. and it will add up a little bit. but reallied yours truly is the air temperatures are too warm to support really most accumulations in the valleys and the ground temperatures are going to melt this off too. we'll have to wait until post sunset to really see this accumulate in the valleys and when it does it won't be a lot. >> also down into transylvania county, roes rosman. right here, yeah, and there it is, snow still flying over the high elevations there of transylvania county. so here's a view on radar. lots of blue here, some green mixed in, but really the idea is the majority of this moisture is going to fall as snow. and it's still moderate to heavy snow coming right over sam's gap, i-26, highway 19 impacted there
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revere, highway 25 over towards hot springs impacted, between marshall and there. we have some good snow coming down on the northern end in the western side of mcdowell county north of marion, highway 221 through the gorge impacted there. highway 70 mostly just rain east of marion and there you go. 64 impacted, 274 also here over transylvania, henderson county with some decent snow showers. no snow falling at the airport officially, but in north asheville we do have it. wind chill, 30. that wind is still cranking as expected and that will continue to crank. here's our northwesterly flow around the area of high pressure that's parked up into canada and it will continue to move off into the northern atlantic, but we'll still have it with us tonight and early tomorrow before if starts to relax tomorrow night into saturday. that's the good news. on the futurecast starting out around 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, still snow over the smokes, the northern portions of madison county, the wind arrows for the northwest still
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winds between 15 and 20 miles per hour gustine -- gusty. by the lunch hour and then some high clouds saturday morning before we're back into sunshine and calmer weather. how much snow from now until friday morning. we could see close to another inch in gatlinburg. look at these areas. another couple of inches up there in the mountains. the smokes, the balsams. all right. 20s for lows tonight in most mountain locations. look for 30s over the up statae. highways tomorrow should be in the '30sand '40s here in the mountains. we'll find 50s farther south into the up state, looks much milder down there, albeit older than average. and our temperatures will go back to the 60s sunday, monday, stay there tuesday and we'll cool off wednesday with our rain chances returning by then. >> the weekend looks wonderful, doesn't it? >> 60s and very little wind is a good forecast.
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an answer from governor nikki
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see if she wants to be thesouth carolina governor nikki haley is not interested income anyone's vice president. >> that's what she told a group of reporters after her speech at a state's automotive summit in greenville this afternoon. as recently as last month governor haley said she was open
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she helped marco rubio finish in second place. senator rubio among other gop candidates say she would be on everyone's short list for vp. >> i've said to all of them that my plate is full. that i am perfectly content. you know, my daughter is getting ready to go off to college, i have things in south carolina i still want to finish. >> tonight on news 13 on my 40 at 6:30. governor haley explains the real reason why she endorsed rubio and is skeptical about donald trump potentially being the gop nominee. >> in other vote 2016 news, the republican presidential candidates are getting ready for another debate. >> the candidates square off tonight in houston. it's their last debate before super tuesday when republican voters in 11 states will have their say. frontrunner do you everror donald trump could take fire from both sides. >> marco rubio and ted cruz have been questioning his conservative credentials. >> every attempt to take on
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spectacularly and the problem is they're each other's enemies every bit as they are donald trump's. >> as for ben carson and john kasich, tonight's don't is an important opportunity for them to silence calls for them to drop out of the race. >> people who aren't pregnant can still get a good idea of what -- well, what it's like. take a look. we're talking about an infancy belly. put it on and you might be surprised what you learn. >> i think that just the physical challenge of having 30 extra pounds on you at the end of pregnancy is a big kind of hurdle to overcome when you're pregnant, and i think it's important for men to be able to sympathize with women going through that. >> only jay. >> coming up tomorrow on news 13 this morning, news 13's jay where's an infancy belly. trying to get into a car. looks like a struggle.
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that he recover and if the dis comfort of pregnancy were true for him. >> well, next month news 13 is hosting the 30 annual live well he can poe. it's on march 19th at the western north carolina axe center. there will be more than 100 exhibitors offering free health screenings, cooking demonstrations and entertainment. at mission is free. more details will be found at >> the affects of fire and a forest.
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young scientist study students are studying ecosystems and as you'll see on i never stop learning the teachers are helping the fifth graders with their assignment. >> what are some characteristics of the rivers? do you think they're going to be very slow moving or are they going to be moving fast? >> moving like down a big mountain. >> yeah. logan and his classmates are drawing the appalachian mountains. the other teams are assigned the coastal planes and the piedmont. educators with the ymca blue ridge assembly are helping the students understand north carolina's geography and the different ecosystems. they also talk about the human impact on the environment. >> animals live there too and they can eat on some of the
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really mess up the food chain. >> like maybe a deer might get into it and swallow it and cut its throat or maybe choke it and that can mess up the ecosystem by killing that deer. >> i'm going to strike this match and this match is going to represent -- i'll strike it and set another tree on fire. it's going to represent lightning, because lightning is one of the main ways that forest fires occur naturally. >> they learn how forest fires help and hurt the environment. the educational programs offered by the blue ridge assembly are designed for students in three through fifth at no cost to the school. and we do want to say, safety was in the minds of -- on the minds of everyone there when they were striking -- >> in other words, don't try this at home. >> don't try that at home. that's right. >> coming up a special donation. >> why a local credit union is gives tens of thousands of dollars to several school districts. news 13 at 5:30 starts now. >> snow is really flying in the high country and piling up.
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of it and how long it's going to last. >> we're starting to see much more flu like illness among the patients that we see. another person dies of the flu in north carolina. why some say it's a milder season, but there's still no reason to worry. >> talks are taking place for the outdoor center to open an outdoor activity center here's in hillsboro. what that means for a town looking for more economic revitalization. >> now from western north carolina's news leader. this is news 13 at 530m. >> more snow is expected to be on the way here in the mountains. >> we're looking for some freezing temperatures to come along with it. >> chief meteorologist jason boyer joins us. what kind of conditions are we expecting. >> pretty rough in the highest elevations. >> you can see from the sky cam we're in the black mountains,


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